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Chuck and Lois McDonald

“Feelings of the Heart” arrived yesterday 5/8/13. We are very excited to have this beautiful painting in our home. We have it hanging in our living room so anyone who comes into the home – that’s the first thing they see.

The shipping company you used did a fantastic job in making sure the painting traveled safely. Thank you for using such a reliable company.

I want to thank you for your great talent that you share with all the people of the world and to thank Almighty God for giving you the artistic talent you posses. I think of the thousands of people whose lives are brighter by owning one of your paintings. We are all extremely fortunate.

God bless,
Chuck and Lois McDonald


I have wanted to tell you this for days. This is about my friend Julie. While she has a relative in Iraq, her very good friend is a doctor and her son is a platoon leader in Iraq. For every holiday she and her friends get together and send care packages to the platoon leaders of 12 companies. These guys actually cry over a piece of gum they receive . . . because it is from HOME! They are planning their 4th of July gift boxes to include your flag card,”A New Sun Rising”, with your beautiful poem. Now comes the domino effect. Julie has been shopping for these guys for a couple of days to fill their boxes and stops by a different friend’s house. When Julie was leaving she happened to open the trunk of her car. Her friend saw your flag card and read it. Julie said she explained what they were doing. After reading your poem, she was so moved, she sat in the car and wrote Julie a very SIZEABLE check and said. “Go buy something wonderful for these guys to go in the boxes”. Since it is SO, SO hot in Iraq, they purchased those pads you puit around your neck and fill with water . . . they cool you when you wear them.

My dear, everyone that we have shown that card to is so touched by it. I don’t think you could know how many people you are reaching! These ladies say “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”.

Love you, Sandy