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Everything Rosie


oil 16" x 16" My own little "Rosie" NOT FOR SALE - DOG OR PAINTING! Greeting cards 7" x 5" $5each


Rosie is my nine year old Chihuahua who is a SURVIVOR of a Coyote abduction in 2016. Snapped up by the big bad “wolf” just 40 feet from me, I thought at the time that is was Rosie’s demise.
But the heavens intervened. An angelic neighbor walking her dog, found Rosie roaming aimlessly, bloody and confused and rushed her to the vet. Thankfully, she had a location chip installed at birth and the vet notified me of her condition. She had suffered a concussion, multiple lacerations and hematomas. Her lips and tongue were blue and they had her on oxygen but didn’t think she would pull through the trauma.

Well guess what, my beloved Rosie is still with me and sits by the window daily to let me know when the villain makes his way through our yard. Needless to say the vets are amazed and I am happy. I still wonder
what Rosie did to the coyote. . . . . . .