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In the Shadows of Life


"In the Shadows of Life" OIL 60" X 25" is available as a S/N Limited Edition canvas wrap of 50 in three sizes: 15" x 36" $880 / 20" x 48" $1350 / 25" x 60" $1705 / ORIGINAL OIL 25" X 60" IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE - CONTACT ARTIST FOR PRICING


“In the Shadows of Life”

In the shadows of life are the hidden, vagaue, and sacred stories we once perceived.

Their fading hues leave behind a familiar thread of similarity stretched across a canvas of time.

They come to life in our dreams as trails of subtle treasures, and as shades of fading memories contrasted with sadness and joy.

Like stubborn stains, they remain obscure, balancing ever so delicately on the edge of the future and the past.


Locked and protected by degrees of light, only the soul and the Guaradian of such bare witness to the veil of beauty the shadows possess.

Stirring and moving in us as an indistinct heartbeat, we learn our existence, and, in this knowledge, long for our purpose to be fulfilled.

jeanne bonine 2023